Bavarian beer

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What began as a preventative measure against contaminated, inedible beer has developed over the centuries into almost a kind of seal of approval for outstanding beer: In the late Middle Ages, the Bavarian Purity Law ensured that no strange ingredients found their way into the kettle and still do today an authority that many brewers proudly adhere to. Above all, this shows that beer has always been part of life and culture in Bavaria.

Bavarian beer variety

Bavarian beer enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany and the world. The brewing products from southern Germany largely come from traditional craft breweries: Many of the breweries have been in family hands for centuries and have a treasure trove of recipes that are passed on from brewer to brewer. The brewing trade is a respected guild with tradition and passion.

Bavarian beer can be roughly divided into four categories. Bavarian Pils has its roots in the neighboring Czech Republic, where, according to legend, a brewer from Vilshofen created the world's first Pils. It was named after its place of origin, Pilsen, and has topped the list of Germany's most popular beers ever since. The Bavarians brew an excellent Pilsner, even if it is not number 1 in their state. Wheat is still the frontrunner here, even though Bavarians have a very balanced beer taste and advocate variety in the beer glass. Weissbier is a southern Bavarian beer style and is probably mainly associated with the state. In addition to pilsner and wheat beer, there is more: light lager, for example. Full beer is the category that most Bavarian beers fall into. The Helle is characterized by its original wort content and is also brewed for export. The last major category is seasonal beers, such as the extremely popular Bockbier, which is brewed and drunk from late autumn to spring. Bock beer is one of the star beer types and is traditionally served in Bavaria during Lent and on celebratory occasions.

Bavaria: beer country through and through

If you look at Bavaria's variety of beers, it's no surprise that Bavaria is such an important country on the beer market. In addition to the tried and tested classics, young, creative beer is of course also brewed in Bavaria: more and more craft breweries are sprouting up and establishing themselves side by side with traditional businesses. Bavarian beer culture is lively and open to new things. One reason for the excellent beers from Bavaria is certainly the wealth of raw materials. Water is the basis of every good beer and Bavaria prides itself on its excellent water quality. Many breweries have their own deep wells from which they obtain their brewing water. The hops for Bavarian beer grow at several locations in the state. The two best-known hop growing areas are Hallertau and Spalt. The hops from there are not only brewed in Bavaria, but are sent all over the world. And it's not just hops that thrive under the Bavarian sun: the barley, from which the malt is mainly made, also grows splendidly here. So it's no wonder that something wonderful is created from these regional raw materials after adding a little yeast!

Bavarian beer is a true institution in the beer world and has truly earned this good reputation thanks to traditional craftsmanship, the finest ingredients and a whole lot of passion.

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