Das Bierseminar

The beer seminar - Why should you take part in a beer seminar from the Bierothek®?

Would you like to impress with professional beer expertise at your next regulars' table meeting?
Are you still a novice when it comes to craft beer, but would like to acquire more knowledge about it, but Wikipedia articles are too impersonal for you?
Do you want to make a very special person happy with an extraordinary gift and just say thank you?
Do you want to spend a wonderful evening with your company and employees as a Christmas or anniversary celebration?
We'll turn you into a real beer sommelier!

For all of these cases, we have just the thing for you! – The Bierothek® seminars

Bierothek® Brave Monday

The work or university week starts again and your motivation is limited? Then come to one of our stationary Bierothek® branches every Monday and prove your courage!
During Brave Monday you can simply come to your Bierothek® branch and try a beer. You can ask one of our employees that you would like to take part in Brave Monday. They will then get you a beer that you can taste. You don't know beforehand which beer you're going to try. Be a real beer sommelier and determine the color, smell, taste and beer style and impress our employees and your friends with your knowledge.
The best part is that you can try your beer completely free of charge. No costs, no obligations.
Only at participating branches!
Go in, try, enjoy!

Bierothek® beer seminar

The beer seminar usually takes place every Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in all Bierothek® branches and costs €49 as standard. The number of participants is limited. Due to high demand, we ask you to book the beer seminar either in our Bierothek® online shop or directly in your Bierothek® branch.
Our beer seminar will provide you with exciting information about the history of beer. You will also get an overview of the brewing process and which raw materials are used in the different brewing styles. But in addition to all the theory, practice should not be neglected in a beer seminar. The highlight is the tasting of seven special beers, which makes it easier for you to understand and identify different beers thanks to previous training in enjoyment-oriented taste sensors.
After the beer seminar, you will receive a Bierothek® beer sommelier tasting glass, a Bierothek® beer diploma certificate, various tasting beer mats and other beer-related seminar materials to take home completely free of charge. Of course, you can also buy the seminar beers you tasted directly from our branches.
You are also welcome to book a Bierothek® beer seminar with us as an individual and private group – just contact us.
You can find the next beer seminar dates in your city at www.bierothek.de/veranstaltungen

Bierothek® beer tasting
With the Bierothek® beer tasting, we offer you a special themed tasting where you can find out something in detail about the topic on offer. The topics we offer include Belgian beers, craft beers, cheese and beer, whiskey beers, bock beers, and much more. at. As with the classic beer seminar, we teach you theory but also practice, where you can also taste many different beers.
You are also welcome to book a Bierothek® beer tasting with us as an individual and private group – just contact us.

Bierothek® brewing seminar

You can look forward to a very special experience at a brewing seminar. Your day will take place at a local brewery. Here you will receive specialist information about the brewery, the brewing process and other useful theoretical aspects. In the practical part you can enjoy six beers. You then brew your own beer, with the seminar leader supporting you, of course. After just six weeks you can pick up your specially brewed beer from the brewery. What's better than brewing your own beer?
Since the Bierothek® brewing seminar lasts approximately nine hours, meals are of course included in the price.
The Bierothek® brewing seminar only takes place once a month, which is why we recommend that you register in advance.
You are also welcome to book a Bierothek® brewing seminar with us as an individual and private group – just contact us.

Bierothek® corporate events/private events

In this area we offer you a beer tasting, which is created entirely according to your personal customer requirements. How many beers you want to try is entirely up to you. Whether it's just one beer, 30 different types of beer with different beer styles or a themed beer selection - you decide which beers you want to taste. We will be happy to assist you with your selection.
Your events or celebrations can either be held in one of your locations or in one of our Bierothek® branches.

If you are not interested in a tasting led by a Bierothek® beer sommelier and simply want to buy the beer of your choice from us, then that is of course no problem. With over 500 different beers in our range, we find the right beer specialties for everyone.


The events listed below are offered in all Bierothek® branches.
You can find an overview of beer seminars or other Bierothek® events here.
Please note that the minimum age for participation in a Bierothek® event is 16 years.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact one of our store managers at 0951/3017-8389 or by email at shop@bierothek.de.