Do you have questions about how, where and whether you can return the empty bottles of your beer specialties to the Bierothek®? How much deposit do you get back from which bottle and how can you recognize it?

We will now clarify all your questions about the deposit system at Bierothek®.

Tip: To save yourself the text below: Give the bottles you bought at Bierothek® to one of our stationary Bierothek® branches   back and get your deposit money back straight away, simply and easily. And remember: With this money you can immediately treat yourself to a new taste experience with one of our beers. Because everyone knows that deposit money only makes your wallet fat and jingles in your pocket.

Do you want to continue reading? Well then let's go: There are two deposit systems that are present in Germany: the one-way and reusable deposit systems.


Since 2006, anyone who has a single-use deposit bottle can return it wherever single-use beverage packaging is sold in the same type of material. Even though the vending machines often don't accept all of them, you can easily return them at the checkout and get your deposit.

The DPG system (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH system) only refers to the one-way deposit system, but not to the reusable deposit system or the return of beverage crates.

The DPG logo above helps you recognize disposable packaging. You usually get 25 cents in return for each disposable deposit packaging. This packaging is added back to a recycling cycle in order to protect the environment, just like in the reusable system.


When the reusable deposit bottles are handed in, the bottles are returned to the bottler. This rinses and cleans them until they can be refilled again. This has the great advantage that it protects the environment and we leave a smaller carbon footprint. This means bottles can be reused around 50 times.

You can recognize your reusable bottles, for example, by the logos above. They are often marked with labels such as rental bottle, deposit bottle, reusable or reusable bottle.

The reusable bottle deposit system is voluntary. This means that sellers can voluntarily accept MW bottles that are not in their range and were purchased elsewhere. If the MW bottles come from the seller's range, he takes them back and takes them back to his bottler or producer, where they are brought back into shape and can be used again.

You usually get 8 cents for beer MW bottles. For special bottles, such as swing top bottles, the deposit can also be higher. Individual containers, such as the St. ERHARD Original, have a deposit of 15 cents. The deposit can vary for bottles from abroad (Belgian beers usually 10 cents).

General information

Beers from countries without a deposit system, such as Switzerland or the USA, also have either a disposable or reusable logo. So you will definitely get your deposit back from us. However, deposit rates for foreign beers, such as often Belgian beers, can vary.

DANGER!!! If the bottle no longer shows that it is a deposit bottle (e.g. the label is torn off), the seller may not take the bottle back and you may not receive your deposit back. If so, then you're in luck, because he's just doing this out of goodwill.

Deposit overview

You can find further information about deposits on the DPG website at

Unfortunately, there is no Bierothek® branch near you yet (Bierothek® Bamberg, Bierothek® Leipzig, Bierothek® Stuttgart, Bierothek® Erfurt, Bierothek® Nuremberg, Bierothek® Erlangen, Bierothek® Fürth, Bierothek® Frankfurt, Bierothek® Munich). or did you order from our online shop? Then you could logically put your empty bottles in a package, send them to us and get the deposit money back from us. However, that doesn't make much sense since you usually have to pay more postage than you get back as a deposit.

Because we are thinking of you, we advise you, as described above, to hand in your bottles to a drinks retailer you trust or, for example, to Lidl (Lidl has a large selection of deposit packaging with the DPG logo, which they take back and you get your money back). Of course, you can also return your deposit packaging to all other discounters, supermarkets, etc.

Unless you want to keep your jewelry from our range as decoration or souvenirs and your apartment isn't already bursting at the seams with beer bottles from the Bierothek®, there's only one thing left to say:

Come by our place, hand in the bottles you bought from us and collect the deposit on site. At the same time, let our motivated employees in your Bierothek® advise you about new beers or classics. We will also find the beer that is perfectly tailored to you. Or simply give away a self-assembled beer package with an elegant Bierothek® glass to friends, partners or family.

We look forward to you and your visit.

Your Bierothek®