Barley Wine

A barley wine is a top-fermented beer style that belongs to the ale family and is usually reddish-dark in color.

Many people who are unfamiliar with this style of beer will probably wonder from the name whether they are tasting a beer or a wine - but it is clearly a beer. Apart from the high alcohol content (approx. 7.5% - 13% vol.), the Barley Wine beer style has very few parallels to the original wine. The only thing that needs to be noted is that due to the high alcohol content, the Barley Wine can be stored for a long time, just like a normal wine.

The taste of a Barley Wine is convincing when drunk with dried fruit aromas and flavors of dried fruits. The bitterness of the hops breaks through in the finish, because large quantities of high-quality hops are sometimes used in the brewing process to create a contrast to the sweet taste of the malt. An IBU value of 90 is often achieved.