The Pils beer style is the most popular beer style in Germany. The bottom-fermented beer belongs to the lager class and is therefore fermented at 4-9°C.

The currently most popular beer style in Germany originated in Pilsen (now the Czech Republic) in the 19th century. There was already a beer there at the time, but it wasn't very popular because it was simply of poor quality. That's why a Bavarian master brewer from Villshofen was summoned to Pilsen, who created a new beer style. This was completely convincing and began its success story all over the world.

In a Pilsner, the focus is entirely on hops. Malty and sweet flavors are only secondary. The slim full beer has around 5% alcohol and a light to golden color.

There are many different types of mushrooms that have developed over time. The most well-known are the “Bavarian Pils”, “Bohemian Pils”, “American-style Pils” and the “North German Pils”, which have a hoppy, bitter taste. Ideally, a Pilsner should be drunk at a temperature of around 8°C.

In 2014, the Schönramer Pils from the Private Landbrauerei Schönram even won first place as a Pils from Germany at the World Beer Cup and was honored with the title “Best Pils in the World”.