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Our Bierothek® Beerfluencers® are in the exclusive circle of those who receive a monthly package with 6 different beers from us. The aim of the Bierothek® Beerfluencer® is to present the large regional, national and international beer diversity and to support us on our way to ensuring that beer in Germany regains the status it deserves - a high-quality luxury food, cultural carrier and top-quality craft product.

Our current official Bierothek ® Beerfluencer ® :

@food_lover_franken , @100bier , @beertasting_worldwide , @the_tapman

@worldwide_drink_photography , @foureightsix , @sven_loves_cloudz

@thehopaholics , @hop_hop_hurra , @probierjunge , , @mitschaum

@reisebier , @dr.hoppy , @schmucker_mann , @der_bierlover , @bierfektion , @hipster.sweden ,

@pennybridge.craftbeers , @beerpicssweden , @farbrorchrisbeer , @craftbeer_baron , @bierfreunde_wien ,

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