Although Estonia does not necessarily appear in the international ranking of the most beer-crazy countries, the Baltic state should not go unmentioned. Beer is firmly anchored in Estonian culture and has a history that goes back thousands of years. Traditionally, Estonians brewed their beer at home in their own four walls: The homemade creations were called koduōlu and, in addition to water, yeast, hops and malt, they contained aromatic herbs such as juniper or gagel. Today this tradition has largely been lost; home brewing is still done here and there only on the western islands. The craft beer movement has taken hold and the beer selection in Estonia has multiplied. Countless internationally successful breweries come from Estonia, one of which is Anderson's.

A cuckoo with its own nest

The origins of the brewery are linked to Estonia's rich beer history: Before Sten became the master brewer of his own brewery, he brewed the first brews at home in his own kitchen together with his friend Tanno. They got a taste for it and their beer developed its own unique character. In 2014 the time had come and the duo began brewing under their own label, Andersons's Beer. Because they initially couldn't afford their own brewing system, they followed in the footsteps of countless craft brewers and became cuckoo brewers. They rented space in the country's established breweries in order to produce their beer in their brewhouses. The renowned breweries Tanker, Lehe and Pühaste were among their hosts. In 2019, two new members, Anton and Mati, joined the team. With new momentum and twice as many hands as before, Anderson's took the next step: the quartet bought an old metal factory and renovated it. Little by little it became a brewery; The four of them bought the equipment second hand. In order to continue making money, we continued to brew diligently alongside the renovation. The brewery was finished in 2020 and the first brew could be produced in our own four walls. Nowadays the brewery has its own bottling plant and brews more efficiently than ever before.

Beer 2.0

With their work, Anton, Mati, Sten and Tanno want to prove that beer is much more than just an uncomplicated thirst quencher. They have absolutely nothing against smooth, unfussy brews, but their creations should awaken emotions, stir up memories and surprise the connoisseur. Your beer should put a smile on your face and wrap you around your finger with its unique flavors and character. Brews like Black to Basics represent the aromatic diversity of Estonia and show that the team at Anderson's knows their craft.

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