The small town of Eltmann is located in the picturesque Mainauen in Lower Franconia. The first beer was brewed here at a time when Johann Wolfgang Goethe was still in his infancy. Johann Georg Wagner was responsible for the steady flow of barley juice, and his descendants still work in the brewhouse today.

In family hands from the beginning

Johann Georg and his father Georg Johann laid the foundation for a family tradition that currently spans eight generations. After Georg Johann brewed mainly for his own needs and the neighborhood, his son opened a brewery and made his father's beer available to a wider audience. The pub still exists today and, as the Eschenbacher Bräustübla, is a meeting point for the citizens of Eltmann and their guests. In parallel to brewing, the family ran a farm. For almost two centuries, the brewery remained closely linked to agriculture. It was not until 1952, under the management of Karl Georg Wagner, that the focus shifted completely to beer production. The brewery survived both world wars and continues to enjoy steadily growing popularity to this day. The favorable location on the connecting road between Bamberg and Schweinfurt meant that more and more people from outside the area got to know and appreciate the fine Eschenbacher beer. Through constant modernization, expansion and the use of the latest technologies, the brewery grew steadily beyond its regional borders. After the work of Georg, two Johanns and five different Karls, the brewery is now one of the most successful companies in the region. Karl Werner Wagner is currently at the helm of the Eschenbach brewery.

If you rest, you rust

Although the Wagners could rest on their laurels and slow down now and then, the family never stands still. With the aim of constantly improving and continually exceeding their own quality standards, the team works tirelessly day after day. Craft beer, made from regional raw materials according to traditional recipes, is the Eschenbachers' speciality. Creations such as their Bavarian Helles Franz Josef enrich the German beer landscape and are enjoyed by more than just the people of Eltmann. Because the staff care not only about beer, but also about their homeland, the brewery is committed to environmental protection and supporting the region. State-of-the-art technology makes the production process efficient and environmentally friendly. With their beer, the Wagner family gives us a piece of Franconian joie de vivre and keeps the area's ancient brewing tradition alive.

Taste the handmade beer specialties of the Eschenbacher private brewery and convince yourself of their skills and passion!

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Eschenbacher Privatbrauerei GmbH
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