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Beer can be cooled in many different ways. The easiest way is to put the bottles or cans in the fridge a few hours before serving and chill them really well. If it has to be quicker, you can also put the beer in the freezer for half an hour - but you have to be extremely careful here, because glass bottles burst if their contents expand during freezing. On the go, you can cool your drinks in an insulated bag equipped with cold packs or bring them to drinking temperature naturally in the river or lake. Ice is also an option, but we encourage external use and don't recommend throwing ice cubes in a beer glass. The meltwater dilutes the brew and gradually robs the beer of its good taste.

An elegant and presentable variant of the beer cooling comes from the pen of Stone Brewing. In addition to its successful creations, the American brewery has practical accessories in its range, including various beer coolers. The metal buckets, which are available in different designs, are particularly popular. A timeless classic is the metal bucket in plain black with the brewery's logo printed in white.

The bucket works best if you fill it with ice cubes or crushed ice and salt and transport the beer straight from the fridge.

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Stone Brewing USA Stone Brewing USA
Bierothek® ID
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Stone Brewing, 1999 Citracado Parkway, CA 92029
Escondido Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika(US)
Beer region
USA & Kanada

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