Snapback Hopfenernte Outdoor

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The hop harvest is a magical time: depending on the variety, the aromatic cones reach maturity between August and September and fill the entire region with their intense scent. There are thousands upon thousands of flowers on lush green vines up to seven meters high, just waiting to be picked. In the past you had to pick them piece by piece by hand, but today the entire plant is collected and the cones are picked by machine. This is not as romantic as before, but it is much quicker and requires less strength from the hard-working pickers. The valuable flowers are then dried and processed into pellets or extract. Sometimes, however, they go directly to the brewhouse and are brewed into the finest fresh hop beer .

A fashionable homage to the hop harvest is the cap of the same name from Bavarian Caps. Your feather-light snapback perfectly captures the magic of the hop harvest: on a petrol blue background there is a rain of abstract hop cones in simple white. The red peak provides a matching splash of color, while the centrally placed leather circle with “Bavarian Caps” embossing rounds off the look. The back part of the cap is made of breathable, quick-drying material and is equipped with an adjustable plastic clip. The cap was manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions and is climate neutral.

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Bavarian Caps Bavarian Caps
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