Haum Hopfinator

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It is winter and a harsh wind blows across the icy streets. You slide across the frozen sidewalk on shaky legs, trying to warm your clammy fingers with your puffy breath. Icy air feels damp and cold on your hair and makes your ears glow red. You fold up the collar of your jacket and pull your shoulders together, but the material only reaches your chin and your ears are still exposed to the inhospitable weather. Dark premonitions of chilblains and hypothermia cross your brain, which is paralyzed by the cold, but rescue approaches on black, woolly-soft feet: the Hopfinator storms around the corner, lifts himself into the bitterly cold air in a fluid, ninja-like movement and leaves himself gently on your head.

What sounds like a fever dream could become reality!

The Kehlheim company Bavarian Caps has released a range of fluffy beanies that will accompany you through the dark season with cozy warmth and style. One of their most popular motifs is the Hopfinator, a small, bearded hopshead with a cool cap and sunglasses, which was created by fan and designer Mark. An embroidered version of this beer mascot adorns the black hat and ensures that you look smart and don’t get cold in the ears.


Bavarian Caps Bavarian Caps
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