Lambic Marmelade Kirsch

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Cherry jam is a delicacy that our grandma always prepared in July and August. The deep red liquid bubbled in large copper pots and spread an irresistible scent throughout the house. We like the jam best when it consists of the sweet heart cherries of midsummer and contains large pieces of fruit. It is ideal as a spread, but you can also spoon it directly from the jar, use it to refine nut wedges and fill the rascals with it during Advent. Cherry jam is a sweet delicacy that perfectly captures summer and all its exhilaration.

And what do cherry jam and beer have in common? Cantillon!

If you thought that cherries and beer had nothing to do with each other, you should pay a visit to Belgium or the Netherlands. A wonderful sour beer called Kriek is traditionally made from cherries here. We offer the specialty in different versions and a very special one has now been added: The Belgian brewery Cantillon has recently been producing the finest jams, which are made with selected types of beer. Lambic from Cantillon was used for the velvety soft cherry jam. Due to the special cooking process, the finished product does not contain alcohol. Instead, the jam shines with the summery aroma of freshly harvested cherries and tastes almost as if it came straight from grandma's kitchen.

And be careful: Because lambic jam is a natural product, there are always small seeds in the jars!

200Gram bottle

Cantillon Cantillon
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Brasserie Cantillon Brouwerij, Rue Gheudestraat 56, 1070
Brussels Belgien(BE)
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Belgien & Niederlande

Cherries macerated in Cantillon-Lambic


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