Lambic Marmelade Himbeere

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Anyone who has visited the fruit beer category here on the website knows that we are not the only ones who love raspberries. The bright pink fruits have become a favorite of many brewers in recent years and can be found in numerous craft beer creations . In Belgium, raspberries have been used for beer for much longer: summer fruits such as raspberries or cherries were found on the ingredient list of traditional lambic beers long before the first craft beer saw the light of day.

The Belgian brewery Cantillon also has raspberry beer in its range. At this point, however, we're not talking about the brewed pieces, but rather another raspberry delicacy. The brewery not only puts the raspberries in beer, but also in jam. The team has come up with a series of the finest jams with an extra beer ingredient: the fruits are macerated with Lambic beer and processed into an unusual jam. No alcohol is left over during cooking; the liquid simply adds an elegant acidity to the jam.

The raspberry lambic jam has a velvety-soft texture and tastes best when we spoon it straight from the jar. If you prefer something more civilized, you can enjoy the summer spread on bread, baguette, brioche, cake or a buttery croissant.

200Gram bottle

Cantillon Cantillon
Bierothek® ID
0.2kg(0.2kg with packaging)
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brasserie Cantillon Brouwerij, Rue Gheudestraat 56, 1070
Brussels Belgien(BE)
Beer region
Belgien & Niederlande

Raspberries macerated in Cantillon lambic


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