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The Ale-Mania brewery, as the name suggests, specializes in producing the finest ales. The team presents us the beer style in all its facets and shows that ale does not have to be just ale. Their range includes pale ales, various India pale ales, international versions of the classic and those that have been refined with spices or fruits. As craft brewers, the people of Bonn naturally don’t want to limit themselves to a single style, which is why a different example always finds its way into their repertoire. The Altbier, for example.

This top-fermented brew has its roots in the Westphalian part of Germany and is also traditionally drunk in Bonn. Because this region is also their home, the brewers at Ale-Mania have come up with their very own interpretation of the local drink.

Your Bonner Alt presents itself in an opaque mahogany brown glass and is decorated with an elegant ivory foam crown. A roasty bouquet rises to the nose and tickles the olfactory nerves with dark grains and spicy forest herbs. The initial taste develops a taste that is made up of roasted malt, creamy caramel, toasted bread, roasted nuts, tart herbs and a hint of fruit. Sweetness, acidity and bitterness are harmoniously balanced and the beer is nice and drinkable.

0,33 Liter Bottle

Ale-Mania Ale-Mania
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0.33kg(0.51kg with packaging)
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Responsible food business operator (EU)
Biersmarck GmbH, Gerichtsweg 30, 53227
Bonn Deutschland(DE)
Beer region
Beer style
More styles
Alcohol content
4.8 % vol

Ingredients: Water, barley malt (Pilsener malt, caramel malt, melanoidin malt, roasted malt), hops (Perle, splitter) and yeast

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