uiltje - kennenlernpaket

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When you get to know a person, you try to find out as much information about them as possible. You talk to them, look at their living conditions and interests, find out about their age, profession, history and experiences, and read everything you can find about that person. You can do something similar with breweries: you can look at the website, learn all about the founding story, the philosophy, the brewing process and the team, look at photos of the individual brewers, and in some breweries you can even book a tour of the facility. All of these steps can give you a good idea, but the best way to put a brewery through its paces is to taste its brews. Nothing says more about the work of a team than their beers.

For this reason, we offer introductory and tasting packages for many of our breweries. You will receive a representative selection of a brewery’s most popular brews and can thus find out in an uncomplicated way what is important to the brewmasters and what they can do.

At this point we would like to recommend the Uiltje brewery’s introductory package. It provides you with six of the Dutch brewery’s best beers and conveys their enthusiasm for hops and their pursuit of the best quality in a wonderful way.

1 piece package includes

1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  Blond Uiltje
1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  BIRD OF PREY Uiltje
1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  BIRD OF PREY 0,2% Uiltje
1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  WIT Uiltje
1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  JUICY LUCY Uiltje
1 x 0,33 Liter Dose —  DR. RAPTOR DOUBLE IPA Uiltje
Uiltje Uiltje
Bierothek® ID
1.96kg(2.04kg with packaging)
€ 1,50
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Owl Brewing Company, Bingerweg 25, 2031
AZ Haarlem Niederlande(NL)
Beer region
Belgien & Niederlande , Belgien & Niederlande
Beer style
ale , Indian Pale Ale , Non-alcoholic beers , Fruit , herbal and spice beers , More styles
Alcohol content
6 % vol , 5.8 % vol , 0.2 % vol , 5.5 % vol , 8.2 % vol
Bitter unity
9 IBU , 50 IBU , 30 IBU , 15 IBU , 75 IBU
Original wort
13 ° Plato , 13.8 ° Plato , 7 ° Plato , 14 ° Plato , 13.5 ° Plato , 22 ° Plato

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