Franconian Beer

The abundance of Franconian beers seems almost endless. Some traditional representatives are the Mönchsambacher Export, the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen, the Keesmann Herren Pils and the Rauchbier from the Spezial brewery.

The topic of beer and the Franconian art of brewing is very important in the administrative districts of Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia. Particularly noteworthy is Franconian Switzerland, which can be proud of its over 100 microbreweries.

When it comes to Franconian beers, special attention should also be paid to Upper Franconia and especially the greater Bamberg area - this is where the largest concentration of breweries in the world is and every beer lover is sure to find their favorite beer there. Every year countless crowds of people flock to Franconia to enjoy their traditional Franconian beer in the beer cellars and beer gardens.

The Franconian art of brewing doesn't just make hearts beat faster in Franconia. Due to their high quality and traditional production methods, Franconian beers are also revered and appreciated beyond the borders of Franconia. International demand for Franconian beers is also very high, as this region is associated with joie de vivre, serenity and community.