Alkoholfreie Biere

The sea without fish? Light without electricity? Beer without alcohol?

One needs the other? - No, not necessarily.

Non-alcoholic beers are becoming more and more popular. Logically, they are not yet as highly valued by the population as other beer styles, although more and more small craft beer breweries and microbreweries are trying their luck with a non-alcoholic beer.

Beer can taste good even without alcohol! This is proven, for example, by the Kehrwiede r creative brewery with its ü.NN IPA , which is the first non-alcoholic IPA in Germany. A non-alcoholic beer does not have to sacrifice any taste in terms of taste. With malty, sweet, caramel, even bitter and fruity aromas, “non-alcoholic” flavors can impress, just like other beer styles with alcohol. They can be drunk much faster - without getting drunk - and quench your thirst optimally, which is a clear advantage over other beers.

Light summer dishes go perfectly with this type of beer, such as grilled fried chicken, a refreshing salad and apple strudel with vanilla sauce as dessert.