holzfassgereifte biere

Barrel aged beers cannot generally be described as top-fermented or bottom-fermented, since theoretically a variety of different beer styles can be barrel aged.

In the past, beer was always stored in wooden barrels - until metal barrels largely replaced them. The difference to today's "barrel aging" method is that it is important what was previously stored in the wooden barrel. Regardless of whether it is whiskey, rum, wine or other spirits. There are no limits to the willingness to experiment. The aromas of the drink that was first stored in the wooden barrel penetrate the wood. The beer that is then filled into the empty but already used barrel absorbs the aromas of the previous drink and refines the beer. This is how completely new beers are developed and created. Stouts , Doppelbock beers and Barley Wines are particularly good for the "barrel aging" process.

A well-known brewery for barrel-aged beers is the German brewery Camba . Whether in Belgium , the USA or Germany - the barrel-aged process is becoming more and more popular.